2019: Three Hundred and Forty Three

Today’s been an interesting day, with some interesting adventures in the kitchen. I was pretty hellbent on baking some lasagne for my parents this evening, despite the fact that we ate a pizza only two days ago. And despite my best effort, all I could think about was the lasagne, all day. Lasagne always reminds me about Garfield, a piece of associative memory I’ve held on to since my childhood.

We messed up with the oven.

It’s the most unfortunate thing, but after painstakingly making sauce and getting proportions right and stacking up layers of lasagne sheets and putting in the right amount of cheese for my parents and I to consume,

We messed up with the oven.

What I mean by messing up is the fact that we didn’t check how hot the oven is capable of getting. I’m sure there’s a flaw in the machinery/equipment, because we preheated it for 20 minutes and then let the lasagne cook for about 40 at 220, but the darned thing didn’t cook at all. The most surprising part was that the lasagne sheets softened, a sign of its “cookedness”, but something I put down to the heat from the pasta sauce than much else.

These errors later, we ended up moving the lasagne to a microwavable dish and microwaving the thing.

It tasted bloody good. I just wish we figured out the oven properly. To make things worse, I dreamed of cake while the lasagne was supposedly baking in the oven – and hoped to bake some before leaving, to leave for my parents to consume.

Alas, that is not to be. Unless we figure out the oven.


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