2019: Three Hundred and Thirty

My aunt departs tomorrow. I’m not sure how to feel, honestly. I’ve spent a lot of time with her, more than I ever have in recent times, and just enjoyed every minute of her company. I always knew how short her visit was, and why she had to leave, and all of the circumstances, but, this trip has been so enjoyable for me that I’m conflicted about having to drop her off at the airport tomorrow.

Her and I have always gelled together, right from when I’ve been a small boy. In recent times we’ve grown closer to each other, and that’s been a really nice thing for me, because I have the opportunity to ask her things I can’t ask my parents, and get her perspective on stuff that’s bothering me – which I can always relate to, for some reason. It makes me think of how alike we are, in so many ways.

Today I made some spaghetti for her, which was fun. 

I also tried to watch the movie Ratatouille and failed, which was not so fun.


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