2019: Three Hundred and Thirty Two

My mother’s gone off to Goa. This now means that both my parents have gone to Goa for a holiday/party before I have – which is a shame, given that I’m the one in college meant to be partying. I mean this as a joke, but its a joke I make reluctantly. Soon, I will visit Goa too, and compare it to my time in Pondicherry near the beach. I don’t know if any of my trips will compare to that one.

The house is quieter as a result.

Several of my activities got canned today, which meant I spent the day working on some applications I needed to send out. Once my dad got home, we just spent time talking and figuring out how to use the next couple of days. We’re really lucky – he’s got a lot of time on leave from the office as a result of UAE National Day, which means I get to spend more time with him and we get to do stuff he’s planned out – especially because my mom and I can’t hijack the agenda.


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