2019: Three Hundred and Thirty Seven

This is the first post I’m writing exclusively on this website, without having to rely on cross-posting from my old blog at curdricedaily.wordpress.com. It’s a seminal moment for me, but I’ve deliberately chosen not to wait for the New Year to do it. I’ve realized I’ve wasted a lot of time looking for landmark dates or times or moments to do stuff, rather than just doing them. Often, this has led to an endless cycle of postponing things. I’ll end up missing one landmark date, and then the next one never quite feels good enough. If I had waited till New Years’, for example, and then forgotten to migrate over, I would have waited till New Years Day 2021 to get stuff done. Which is far too long. I’m sure you agree too.

Today’s been a really joyous day. My work went on till quite late last night, despite the fact that I didn’t really want it to – which led to me missing out on this morning’s activities, unfortunately.

Subsequently however, we’ve been binge-watching The Crown’s new season as a family, and eating some fun food. My dad’s eaten one of my chocolate chip cookies too – a rare, and thus treasured moment.


Let me know what you think!

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