2019: Three Hundred and Thirty Four

I went Bowling after absolute ages, which was enjoyable. It got my mind off things for a while, which I’m grateful for. I genuinely can’t recall my last Bowling outing, but I’m very, very certain it involved my chikamma and Uncle. Our WhatsApp group is named Pizza Hut + Bowling because of a tradition we’ve had for years now. I should really ensure we actually do the whole Bowling followed by Pizza Hut experience before I graduate. Or as a graduation celebration, perhaps. Let’s see how things pan out. 

After that I hung out with my dad. We bought him new chappals to use at home, and then I got to buy him a kinder bueno. Now the best part of this, undoubtedly, is that I’ve gotten to eat kinder bueno two times in four days.

Then I submitted some of my masters applications. Which was good, but I’m going to be cautious about how optimistic I get. I’m just so happy I have the chance to apply, and to think about the kind of stuff I really want to be working with and studying further. It’s weird, but it’s motivating me to get into that stuff as soon as possible, so I’m scouting around for opportunities right now. More on that some other time.

Onto the next set.


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