2019: Three Hundred and Nineteen

My Chikamma arrived from Bangalore today. Which is always fun. Going to miss having my Uncle here over the next few days, but spending time with my chikamma is never something I’m going to reject. It’s nice having relatives around you all the time. My grandparents were here recently and we had an absolute ball, so I’m looking forward to all of the adventures we have lined up.

My chikamma and I are cut from the same cloth in a lot of respects. She recently told me my mum called her up early during my first grade exams or something, where I refused to study – yelling at her and saying I was just like her. We both chuckled and acknowledged that we were lucky to be that way. Who takes first grade exams seriously? [spoiler alert: my parents]. We’re also very happy being at home from time to time, especially when we need breaks – which is not something my mum was super keen on. After a handshake agreement, I agreed to lay the groundwork for a minimalized Dubai trip for my chikamma – allowing her to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy her time here on her own terms.

I think I succeeded. Only time will tell.

Let me know what you think!

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