2019: Three Hundred and Six

I dislike having to prove that I am capable of using the English language. Nonetheless, this morning I completed a proficiency test. I’m not too worried about the results, but scoring low marks will hit my confidence for sure. I know it’ll make me question some of the grammar choices I make on this blog. And some of the rules I’ve implemented. Especially the rule pertaining to no editing. Maybe it’s time to become a stickler for English language rules, punctuation and everything. Or maybe it’s time to flip conventions on their heads. I can never tell which mood I’ll wake up in, which made writing today’s exam particularly difficult (I was in the mood to turn convention on its head, so I had to remind myself about punctuating appropriately).

I chilled with Panda in the afternoon, and ended up watching videos about music and talking about the new music we discovered in the last 4 years. Which was really fun.

Then I went to a college batchmate’s house. This was my first trip there, despite the fact that we’ve spent 4 years living within 10 minutes of each other even on our semester breaks. That was enjoyable, not in the least because we were able to spend time in each others’ company away from campus. We’ve done that for the past 3 winters now, so this is technically the first winter break we’re spending away from each other in a while. It’s weird, but it’s something I think we’re both grateful for. We were getting too close, I must admit.

Let me know what you think!

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