2019: Two Hundred and Seventy

I’ve always experienced joy in take-off. It’s always made me feel closer to where I need to be at any given point of time. This is largely been true of rides in aeroplanes: I’ve always taken them voluntarily, mostly planned, mostly knowing that I wanted to be in a place other than where I was. As a child, this was knowledge of the fact that in my summers I wanted to be in India. As a young adult, this was knowledge of the fact that I wanted to be able to spend some time with my father over my breaks. As a college student, this has continuously been knowledge of the fact that I need to be some place. Either for an internship, or a competition, or even returning back to Ahmedabad for some time (considering I spend 2/3rd of my year here), its just been that consistent knowledge that there’s a place I’ve needed to be.

Today, Delhi was that place. And when the plane took off, I realized how badly I wanted to be there, but also, how much, at this point, I didn’t really feel like being in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar. The change of scenery I knew would do me some good. Give me some more time to think and figure out stuff. I also knew though, that it was a short trip with a purpose. I just wanted to have a good time at this interview I was preparing for.

I also really wanted to eat pizza at some point on the trip, but more on that later.

Anyway, of course Delhi decided to throw me a couple of surprises. When has it not, right? I got to my hotel, with a valid reservation, only to find out (after speaking to the receptionist/upper management) that the hotel itself had shut down. I had booked through an aggregator/intermediary, so it was super frustrating (this is OYO, by the way). I spent some time aggravated on the phone with them, and after finding out they couldn’t relocate me anywhere, spent some time (with low battery) on Maps and on the phone with my parents locating the closest hotel, walking there, and seeing if they had room availability. Thankfully they did.

All I wanted after that was some idli vada, and that’s what I had. I was running a nasty cold, so I’m glad I have tomorrow off to recoup before the interview kicks in.

Let me know what you think!

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