2019: Two Hundred and Sixty Three

Today was the last day of those mid-semesters. The only thing I appreciate about examination season, and this is something I’ve said countless times before, is that when there are afternoon exams, you have complete control of your sleep cycle. In fifth year, this includes strange things like sleeping through the entire evening, waking up, beginning portions and studying for 2 hours, and going back to sleep, to wake up the next morning and finishing your portions while lying down. It could’ve happened to anybody. Yet, this is precisely how my roommate & I prepared for today’s exam. The result of this preparation? One hour before the examination was frenetic, to say the least. There were these new words that kept popping up on the batch group, and we’d give each other a quizzical look. Only to turn to Google Guruji and understand what those words meant – or rather, attempt to.

In any case, these exams brought the revelation of the following conversation in my mind:

“Ek page ki kimath, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu?”
“2.5 mark ki kimaath hota hai, ek poora page”

For the uninitiated, I basically mimicked this incredible season from Om Shanti Om (2007):

Basically, man, I came to the realization that this professor from today’s paper just valued the number of pages we wrote.

So write away I did. I wonder if rebelling against the system (and writing the same content in fewer pages/words) will yield the same results. I have about 11 exams left to give it a shot. Dare I?


Let me know what you think!

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