2019: Two Hundred and Forty One

I took a day off from University today to understand the intricacies of a tabbing/tabulation system I wanted to ensure I got to terms with prior to the beginning of our annual debating tournament. I really love numbers, and participating in tabulation/scoring activities have given me the opportunity to go through my time at University fully immersed in statistics. Of course, it isn’t the same as having the opportunity to study Math everyday, but the limited engagement I get is enough for me to sustain an interest in its academic study.

Subreddits on the beauty of data, and following sports in general add to that engagement. I do really miss numbers in my daily life. They used to be so integral (see what I did there) to my daily schedule every single day at school. Not only because of the number of hours we spent with them – through all my Sciences and even a bit in Economics, but also through the hours I spent poring over past papers and question sets. It’s no wonder I attempted to convince my parents to allow me to study for a BSc somewhere in the middle of my second year. I’m glad they showed me reason at the time.

Eventually I do hope I get the chance to return to working with numbers one day. Till then, tabbycat, you are my only friend.


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