2019: Two Hundred and Thirty Six

I spent my day at the library today, getting things done. It’s final year, which is giving me added motivation to spend my days outside my room. Fourth year got a little uncomfortable in multiple ways, but everyone is more chill this year. I am too. Plus, the library has AC, so rediscovering its comfort is something I’m keen on doing. I know my semester and year has only started, but I want to make sure I’m always aware of the fact this is my final year as an Undergraduate student – so I can make the most of every minute I spend here.

The library is a great place for that. It’s seen some of my favourite memories from the past four years. I feel safe there. Always have. It’s my favourite place to be when it rains on campus,  because you’re shielded from the sound and sight of the rain – which makes you feel like it isn’t too mucky outside.

If only it was closer to the hostel.


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