2019: Two Hundred and Twenty Seven

I’m truly blessed. I managed to plan the trip in such a way that I’m getting to spend 3 days with my parents before I fly off to University.

The only kinda sad part is that it’s after the Eid holidays. I’m grateful that the weekend here is Friday-Saturday, so my parents and I will get extra time together.

Nothing tastes nicer than the rasam my mother makes. And I’ve praised a lot of rasams on this blog in the past, including my own, and including Rasam cubes, but my mothers’ rasam is the first rasam I can recall tasting, and the only taste that lingers on my tongue throughout University.

Which is why the greatest thing my mom did was to make it for lunch.

Actually, scratch that. She made gulab jamuns.

I can’t believe she managed that. She’s been so so busy these past few days. I don’t know where she got the time, and I’m glad she had the confidence in herself, because I can’t remember when the last time was that I ate jamuns made from her hand.

I just need to find us a show to binge-watch, and this holiday will be perfect.


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