2019: Two Hundred and Twenty Nine

Hit the gym with caution when you return from one month without using the gym.

Honestly, the trip I just took? It’s motivated me to get back to college and get into a routine right from day one. And I know it’s going to be a struggle, especially because I’ve made myself this promise every single semester since my second year, but I think it’s actually time to put it into action. Genuinely. Because if not now, then when? I’m literally in my final year now, and I think it’s a good year to spend time on the things I want to cultivate as habits to take forth with me as I leave campus.

I’m gaining clarity on what all that means. I know, for example, that I want to understand my faith more in the next one year. I also know that it isn’t something that is time-bound, because its something that’s ever-evolving and changing, but it is genuinely something I wish to understand – atleast at a level I’m comfortable with.

My faith is everything I believe in. Including Haji Ali Cafeteria’s Mozarella Cheese Pizza. I don’t know how I spent a whole month here without eating this, and I’m so glad my parents took me out to have the pizza. Genuinely – it’s one of the greatest times about visiting this city.


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