2019: Two Hundred and Thirteen

It’s always nice to receive holidays from the kind calendar Gods (who I assume are in charge of all these holiday scheduling activities). Especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I’d take holidays on any weekdays, to be honest, but when they come on Wednesday/Thursday, I feel more joy because it means there’s one lesser day to go to the weekend. If Thursday’s a holiday, all I need to do for the weekend to arrive is experience one more working day. That’s it. It’s fantastic.

There’s also an indescribable joy to receiving a holiday after an incredibly stressful deadline. Not actually stressful, but more along the lines of deeply important. The holiday allows you to get some time off to sleep and reflect on how things went along the two months. Oh well.

My mother really wanted me to cook pulao for myself when I came on trip. She told me it was simple and quick to make (it was), but I couldn’t get myself to ever cook it for dinner. Today provided the opportunity to cook lunch, and I grabbed the chance to attempt the adventurous. I succeeded. Pulao is really simple to cook, and tastes fabulous. The fact that you can cook your vegetables and your rice together, and get all the nutrients you need, and you can use fragrant items to heighten flavour is something I’ve fallen in love with. The fact that I could eat it with curd was even better.

After that I set off on a real adventure. To watch Switzerland National Day celebrations, where I was hopeful of getting to see European fireworks, given that I missed Bastille Day ones owing to rain. Today was no different. The rain foiled my plans – although my comfort using an umbrella (which I’ve always detested) grew manifold. And I got to hang out in a park.

I’m treasuring these moments. Every one of them.


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