2019: Two Hundred and Three

I learnt from my experience flying in a suit that perhaps it is only a good idea when you want to make a fancy impression or when you’re landing for a meeting. Otherwise you can rock a blazer and still look very cool while flying – and that’s precisely what I did. Fewer things beeped also, given that I wasn’t wearing a belt or my leather shoes (I’ve always wondered why these beeped).

I made it back to Geneva via Zurich – having started my day at 4, and I changed into professional clothes (my formals, basically) at the UN itself. That was quite the experience, given that I only had one hook on which to balance the clothes that weren’t in use. I did succeed, and my flatmate confirmed that I did not look like I had just woken up, which I think is quite good.

I stopped for groceries again.

And being back here meant I got to play with Jaska again.

I’m going to miss this life when I leave.


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