2019: One Hundred and Ninety Eight

Remember how I said we were well-equipped to host a little party in our little establishment? Today turned that wish into reality, in a way that turned my day from regular to extremely joyous. Friends, and their friends came with us after work to Cessy, and we spent the evening eating cookies, drinking juice, and singing songs in the garden as the sun set. It’s honestly as filmy as it sounds, and there are photos of my friends to back it up. I’ve never felt so quickly at ease with people the way I’ve gotten to being myself with these folk. I’m not sure why that is, especially given how much I enjoy being who I am – I guess it’s just something I’m a little conscious about with people for a while before I unleash some truly terrible jokes onto people.

But I quite like these folk.

I also cooked channa masala for dinner, which turned out pretty great. I guess cooking is one of those things that you can get comfortable with really quickly if you want to. It just takes some amount of effort after you have a long day. Showering really helps you feel fresh enough to take on the challenge though. And crying out your fears about bad food while cutting onions and pretending that it’s the onions that are making you cry is also a good past-time, I do believe.

Nonetheless, the food was delicious, we watched more FRIENDS episodes, and I’m a happy camper who has now spent more than 10 days in Europe.


Let me know what you think!

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