2019: One Hundred and Ninety

Today, work was fun.

What was more fun was the evening after work though. I got the chance to spend some time with my friends’ parents, whom I’ve not properly spent time with or interacted with – although we’re from the same city and I’ve had numerous invitations prior. I had a really, really fun evening, and I got to eat my first ice-cream of the European summer.

We also did grocery shopping, because in addition to what’s available closeby, I didn’t really pick up much else – and we’ve slowly started to settle in. That’s something that I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised by. This is my first time rooming with her, and we’ve gotten so comfortable with each others’ schedules and routines – and spaces. We’re able to give each other ample space to get things done, which I am very happy with.

Work is obviously a lot of fun. This internship is something I’ve been keen on doing since I heard about it in the first year of law school, and it’s a role I sort of want to think about pursuing in the long run. The opportunity to evaluate that possibility from up-close, without shouldering the burden of being the main person in charge is something I cherish today.

Let me know what you think!

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