2019: One Hundred and Seventy Seven

I always love visiting my parents’ workplaces.

You see, as a family, the three of us have always made it a point to take an active interest in any space we inhabit. Whether this is a hostel, a temporary room, a hotel room, a mountain peak, a sleeping bag, or even a desk, there’s a large amount of fascination in getting to know each others’ environment.

It’s been this way since I was a child. I used to head to my dad’s workplace to draw while he worked. His office was super chill with me hanging out back then, and everyone found a child in the office a golden opportunity to take breaks from work. It’s also the sight of my most famous piece of art, “The Home”, which is complete with scenery (please refer this if you want to know more), and some of my favourite photographs. Including me sitting opposite dad with him in a suit, and me sitting on top of our car. His old office had amazing restaurants very close by, including Fuddruckers, where I (And then half of Dubai) celebrated birthdays.

I’ve done the same with my mom. Her old office in Dubai used to be in a Caterpillar building. I even visited her at the World Trade Center once, because there was this AMAZING auto/car show happening that my dad managed to take me for – and we went up and picked mom up after that. This other time, I think GITEX happened there, and I visited my dad’s set up for that too. Super fun. I continued this in Bangalore as well, finding ways to entertain myself in a clinic was quite the challenge. Meeting people my mom worked with was always fun though.


What I’ve loved the most about it is that you get a feel for what they both do. You also understand what makes them stressed, what makes them smile for half of the day when they’re away from you (when you’re at home, that is).

More than much else, I think you gain a deeper appreciation for them. That’s priceless.


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