2019: One Hundred and Seventy Nine

I get attached to my electronics really quick. I’ve written about my pangs of separation at various points in the past. Having to give away things, especially electronics that I have used over long periods of time, or have forged memories with. Letting go of my laptop last year (just before the beginning of my 4th year in University), hit me really hard. That was the first laptop I picked out for myself – with my dad giving me minimal assistance, just nudging me. But he had encouraged me to figure out specifications and exactly the kind of machine I desired before we went into the store, and buy what I wanted (within our budget). That machine was a beauty. It was everything: my first memorial drafted, my first memorial submitted, my first fiery e-mail sent out. It was my first all-night binge-watching, my first e-book speed-reading.

It meant so much, that I struggled to see it was past its prime, and I tried reviving it three times, to no avail.

The machine that came after that, which I used throughout my fourth year. That was something else entirely. We chose it with the same process, but naturally, my usage had changed. I was a heavier user now. I spent more time on screen. I needed a lighter machine.

But wow. That machine, I developed no emotional attachment to. It failed me numerous times, when I needed it the most. I traveled far and wide for its service, as you may know. I resorted to using others’ PCs.

We found an exchange offer and I now own a new laptop. I will miss you, my Lenovo experiment. But you were just that – an attempt to try a touchscreen, flexible laptop out. I will love you, but you were not the one for me.

To my new Dell Vostro, let’s make some memories. I will love you. I will care for you, and I will treat you right. We’re going to do some incredible things in the next year, and I hope you get to see all of it.


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