2019: One Hundred and Seventy Four

Today was my mother’s birthday. Which naturally calls for a grand celebration.

My mum’s birthday has always been a very special family occasion. She’s basically a young child at heart (and in appearance too), so the birthday is an added excuse to demand the attention of both males in the house. Of course, we always give it to her. Anything to see your mother happy, right?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen various avatars of her birthday. There was the birthday bash she planned and executed for herself (invites included) inviting about 80 people. That was actually quite the scene. Right toward the fag end of my Grade 10 Board examinations, with my dad in Dubai, she learnt how to design her own invitation (which she printed and circulated personally to people), scouted venues, figured out a cake place and a menu, and a theme, on top of that, assigned roles to family members, and had everything laid out perfectly for the party. It was a really fun day. That was the first ever time I spoke in front of a crowd giving a toast where I ripped her to shreds.

Good times.

Then there was the birthday that we celebrated last year. Just the three of us at Bollywood Park in Dubai for an entire evening. It’s pretty rare that the three of us are together for my parents’ birthdays (although we end up together for my birthday really often), so that was really special as well. We did activities as a family, enjoying attractions themed like movies from the yesteryears and the present day.

Then there was the birthday where my dad and I bought her an iPod I had been eyeing. Using miles. Which means we bought ourselves an iPod.

Then there was yesterday. A birthday buffet, spent in the company of people we enjoy keeping company with as a family (another rarity). I could’ve slept, woken up & eaten some more food. It was heavenly. A real quiet evening, spent with all eyes on the birthday girl AND I got the opportunity to crack jokes at her expense through the evening. There’s not much more I could ask for.


Let me know what you think!

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