2019: One Hundred and Sixty Seven

Sometimes, being in a country where Sunday is the first working day of the week puts a  lot of things in perspective. The “Monday blues” become “Sunday blues” for one, and well, it means you’ve got a day off where the rest of the world is working. But it also means you’re working when the rest of the world has the day off. The dilemma also stretches to making international calls to call home. Either you call on Saturday, or you’re unable to because of work.

When you’re on holiday though,  none of this matters. It’ll never matter what the first day of the working week is, for it is always a holiday. That feeling is one I’m holding on dearly to, especially as I inch closer and closer to my internship, and closer and closer to becoming someone to whom working weeks and holiday leave days matter. What a world that must be like.

I literally spent today buying one pair of shoes. You see, since school gave us some neat sports shoes as part of our uniform, I never spent time buying all-purpose sports shoes, or a neat pair of trainers to use for activities. I did own specific pairs of shoes: for basketball and tennis, and several things, but I never spent the same amount of effort in figuring out a pair of shoes I could wear as casuals and as sportswear. My school shoes just sufficed. Today was one of the first times I had to figure that out, and that was a bunch of effort – especially with the kind of technology they’ve come up with for shoes. Each brand literally offers the same technology with a bit of variance (like the material they use for their insoles and outsoles, and the material with which the shoe itself is knitted), but it makes for such a massive difference to the way the shoe grips your foot and the kind of comfort it provides. Add to that a bit of bias owing to brand loyalty and advertisements and second-hand reports of shoes, and boy oh boy are you in for a treat.

It took me four hours and an avocado milkshake, but the decision has been made. Shoes have been purchased. I guess now comes the part where I actually use them.


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