2019: One Hundred and Sixty Nine

It’s very difficult to find people who have similar tastes as yours – in anything, really. But this applies a lot more to pop culture than it does to food. Largely because everybody appreciates well-cooked food, but not several show similar appreciation trends to pieces of music, or art, or writing that one may consider to be done well. That’s a very convoluted sentence, but you get my drift.

Thus, finding someone whose recommendations you will trust blindly in and invest both your time and money in, is a rarity. When you do, though, it can spark some of the happiest moments, and can broaden your horizons in terms of the amount of art you end up consuming.

I’ve been privileged enough to be surrounded by several such individuals. Today I got to meet one such classmate from college, who picked a movie I didn’t feel to keen on when I saw the genre, warmed up to with the trailer, and loved by the time it finished. Worth my money, worth my time, great company, 10/10 fun day.


Let me know what you think!

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