2019: One Hundred and Sixty Five

I’m slowly settling into a nice little routine in Dubai, which is something I’m quite enjoying. This is especially since my life is devoid of any schedule when I’m at University, and even more so when I’m in Bangalore – since it’s absolutely impossible to predict when a “scene” will pop up. Dubai is relatively a more quiet time for me, which gives me the opportunity to use more time for personal goal fulfillment. A large part of this – in this break especially, is centered around meals and learning to prepare/enjoy them. That’s been exciting.

In other news, I find myself longing for the pool more than much else these days. The reading appears to have taken off ridiculously, but I haven’t reviewed a book or an author in a while – so there’s probably some time I must devote there soon. I’ve been using the nifty little keyboard I bought myself and doled out a few covers, which are on my SoundCloud. That’s gotten me pleased.

Today was spent largely in the company of family friends who are pretty much family, and have played a massive role in my upbringing – taking care of me for a whole week, on occasion, and pampering me no end. It’s with them I feel most like a 10-year-old, the age I exited the United Arab Emirates, and the last age at which I spent a large amount of time with them. I haven’t seen one of them in over 6 years now, and we only ever chat when I’m in Abu Dhabi, or when I genuinely feel like irritating her on social media (which has become rarer as time as passed), but nothing seems to have changed.

I love that.


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