2019: One Hundred and Sixty

There are several people I can’t recount my first meeting with. The opportunity to catch up with these kind of people always brings a smile to my face. It almost appears that irrespective of the status of your present-day relationship, including “never talk except when in the same city”, the fact that you know each other for so long means that the relationship automatically picks up exactly where it left off. There’s enough update-giving, there’s a lot of jokes, and there’s enough familiarity that breeds confidence to be yourself: if that’s something you fear.

Amidst the first rains in Pune, today provided me with a chance to do just that. The fact that these people drove down to our house despite the rains is something that I can’t help but appreciate. It’s such a simple task, but when it rains in Pune, there is literally rain on the road because of how clogged things get. It floods occasionally too. Braving that takes some courage.

These folk are family friends, but they were/are so close to my dad’s side of the family that they’re practically family. For all intents and purposes. I love that.


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