2019: One Hundred and Forty Seven

Today’s been super duper hectic. Which means I’m not exactly in a mood to write too much, but the purpose of this blog wouldn’t be served if I decided not to write. So, you’re stuck with a recount of what my day has been like.

I attended a boxing class today – the first time I’ve ever done that. While my arms are fine at the moment, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to be feeling too great when I wake up tomorrow. After that I went out for lunch, which was both a meet-up with someone who has played a massive role in my life, as well as an opportunity to perform a location recce for a surprise birthday party for my dad (he knows the party is happening, but doesn’t know the scale we’re planning it at).

The food culture in Bangalore, and it’s evergrowing nature is something that has fascinated me from when I used to live here. It’s such a fantastic part of the city’s identity – with new outlets and options popping up daily, almost, in every nook and corner available. While the current fad appears to be gastropubs and microbreweries – each trying to outdo each other with the kind of vibe they give off, and each providing a unique ambience, the scene here has been through so much change, it’s a foodie’s delight.

Post that was a fun catch-up with a French teacher of mine whom I have been privileged to be taught by. The last time I saw her was more than a year ago, and a LOT has changed since then – more in my thinking than much else. I’m fairly certain it was an information overload for her, but then I feel like that’s how most people feel after they interact with each other after ages: there’s so much context to be exchanged and so many stories to share, it’s a wonder.


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