2019: One Hundred and Thirty

Second last day on campus, even semester 2019. Waah.

So the last exam I have is Air and Space Law, which is a super fun subject that deals with the laws pertaining to aviation and outer space. It essentially lays down several tenets, including the fact that civil aviation aircraft must not be shot down by countries, and also that no country should attempt to claim some part of the moon as their own. It’s a subject I’ve been fascinated by since I did my first moot court competition in my first year of Law School, and something I’m hoping to get to apply in the future – so studying it is very easy for me, as a result of the natural interest I have in the subject, and the kind of legal regime countries have been able to agree on for (literally) a world we do not entirely know of as yet.

I’m enjoying reading through everything. What I like (and dislike) about the course is the kind of context that’s been built into our classes. It’s really enjoyable because it makes the Law feel accessible, and practical. At times, however, the amount of context we’ve learnt outweights the amount of Law we’ve read or been taught, as a result of which a lot of my understanding of this Law is in the abstract. That’s not something I’m particularly fond of. However, I must say, if there was one class I was always awake in, it was this one. That, for my fourth year, is quite the achievement, and thus deserves high praise.

Today a few seniors I am close to are leaving campus. With this batch, the leaving doesn’t feel as dramatic as past years’, mostly because I know that several of the friendships I have with these seniors are ones that can seamlessly transit to a friendship outside of the confines of our campus life.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be turning 21! Quite excited. Let’s see how the day pans out, for it’s definitely going to involve an exam.


Let me know what you think!

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