2019: One Hundred and Nine

This alternate day off thing is really messing with my brain because it’s impossible to get into a routine of any kind. My sleep cycle has gone for an absolute toss, my mood to go for classes is non-existent (and plenty of exit routes in terms of work are available). It’s very, very difficult to stay motivated, because all I want to do is read books, watch TV, and lie down in the comfort of my bed. So much so, that I have spent an entire morning worth of this holiday doing absolutely, positively nothing. I woke up and used my phone a few times. I also silenced my roommate’s alarms and engaged in some conversation about how we both feel like doing nothing this morning. And so, we woke up only in the afternoon – beginning the day at 12:30 as if it was 7:30. What fun.

The issue with this alternate day class system is the fact that it’s made me question what my ideal work week would be like. I’ve always advocated a four-day work-week in my head. The French system is something that appeals to me – and any work culture which does not require or expect you to take work back home, or be online post a reasonable 6/7pm hour, is one that I’m thoroughly appreciative of, especially where it is able to produce the same kind of results on the business front. This is largely because I feel like it allows people to live a healthier all-round life, in terms of their ability to deveolp outside the workspace. In my four day week, I’d allow either Wednesdays off mandatorily, or alternatively, allow employees to take days off on a rotational basis, giving everyone fair chance to get a long weekend in.

However, this alternate day system makes me question the possibility of genuinely giving Wednesdays off. I’m wondering whether it’s prohibitive in terms of helping people get into good schedules.

But then again, if a new generation starts off with Wednesdays off (i.e., my batchmates & people graduating with me), maybe our schedules will work themselves around the fact that we have a mid-week holiday.

What fun that’ll be if it ever materializes.


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