2019: Ninety-Eight

I tried out a new barbershop today, motivated largely by my desire to drink cold coffee and walk back to campus as the sun set. The haircut has left me feeling very porcupine-ish, more porcupine-ish than I usually feel post haircuts. But the cold coffee was 100% worth it. Wow. So good.

Today’s been a lazy day – even post the haircut and everything. It took me 5 hours to write my book review for today, which was way longer than I anticipated – because I kept getting distracted by the internet. I found several cool memes, found some fun stuff to keep an eye out for over the summer, and discovered a pretty cool Spotify playlist. Of course it would have been great if I was productive alongside all of this – but I feel like if I looked back at April 8, 2019, I’d much rather remember the cool new song I heard, rather than a project I finished off.

I did get started on the project, so something got done.

In class today I was thinking a lot about how we need to find more efficient ways of using classroom time and contact hours. Ideally, it should be to impart wisdom about things that I can’t find myself, or provide perspective to an opinion held. I feel like doctrinal education is too much of a time-waste. If there’s some teaching mechanism that would address this, I feel like we’d get a better value for money in terms of our education.

Oh well. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for a while.


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