2019: Ninety-Six

Sometimes lazy Saturdays are all you need to keep your drive going. I’ve got a mountain of work and several things to do before Monday. All things I know are achievable in a 5-hour time-frame. So I have the option of procrastinating till Sunday afternoon-evening, and then beginning to hack at it. Which I’ve gloriously taken. I plan to sit, read, make playlists on Spotify, watch some stuff on Netflix, and genuinely just take some time off for myself before the week begins again.

I’m missing high school right now. Specifically the fact that I used to binge-watch shows on my laptop at home on my beanbag with my AC on. That’s probably the most “first-world” problem, but it’s honestly a feeling of comfort I associate with summers in Bangalore a lot. All of this was supposed to be when I was studying – but I used to genuinely have a whale of a time doing this when I wasn’t solving past papers.

I miss discussing prep with my friends. We had this site called xtremePapers we used to all use, and when any of us got stuck, there used to be a photo on our group. All of us used to attempt solving it before seeing the mark scheme and figuring out what the right method and correct answer was. It was honestly reverse-engineering at it’s finest.

I miss loafing around on the piano, being pushed out of the house by my mum, playing basketball with friends – and being very average at it. Buying ice-cream at Namdhari’s.

But while I miss that, I’m well aware of the fact that I’m living in the present – laying on my bed, wearing the comfiest cotton shorts, and typing this piece on my blog.


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