GloPoWriMo 2019: 5/30

Today’s prompt asks me to try one of three things. I’ve chosen to attempt a villanelle. Examples include One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop


I wish I could wear shorts everywhere,
Show off my bruised knees and my glistening shins,
Allow them to be declassified as merely leisure wear.

My legs deserve to breathe the open air,
I imagine it would catch several people unaware,
But truly, I wish I could wear shorts everywhere.

Understand that merely because pants are treated with more care,
Does not entitle them to a class containing silverwear,
Please, I beg you, declassify shorts as leisure wear.

This false notion propagates injustice,
It prevents shorts from being worn at classrooms and official events,
Shorts are stylish – allow me to wear them everywhere,
By declassifying them as merely being leisurewear.



Let me know what you think!

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