2019: Ninety-Four

I feel like every day is a new opportunity to write on something I hate about summer. Today, I present to you, the clothing dilemma. Every single morning, I am required to wear pants of some kind. I generalize, but essentially, my University has a mandate that we must not showcase our ashleel ankles, or any part above them. Arms are okay. Because apparently arms do not create any issues in society. I wonder if anybody has been slapped. Arms have the potential to cause a lot of damage. Yet we don’t cover them. You’ve got to ask yourself why, I think. Anyway, coming back to the thick of things – the clothing dilemma is something I experience every morning. After bathing, as I put on these pants, and as I fasten my belt, all I can think about is how long the Sun must shine today before I can expose my shins to the world. This is because all I want to do is wear shorts.

In other news, in an attempt to fulfill my ambitions of making music again, I tried to install some software and accidentally got some adware onto my system. I’ve got rid of most of it, thanks to a timely installation of anti-virus software. But God, is adware irritating. I guess I got too excited last night. This is my punishment.


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