2019: Ninety

So the last post had a lot about Mumbai’s rap scene, because DIVINE performed on campus yesterday. But the first Indian rapper I heard was Brodha V, so, if you haven’t heard him already:

I got super into Indian music and into the Bangalore music scene after I heard him. There’s so much out there, it’s pretty phenomenal.

But today has marked the end of Pentagram. It’s been a wild three days of festing. Today I saw my only real opportunity to make some money slip past me – because of an incredibly long quiz finals set, but I ate biryani and pancakes, and my world is completely fine.

In other news, I’ve managed to meet all my writing deadlines for this weekend (and there were a lot) – so that’s something I’m happy to celebrate.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a massive week and month in my life. There are two moots I’m involved in starting this week, and GloPoWriMo generally. Also, it’s my final month of fourth year – so my final month before I’m away from campus for a good three months before coming back for final year.

That’s insane. Time has gone by so rapidly.

Also birthday month is coming soon too. So, exciting days lie ahead.


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