2019: Eighty-Six

Today was cosplay day. And my friends and I – who had well-meaningly decided on an outfit theme ages ago, ended up throwing things together in the last minute. Some of the outfits were easy enough. Others were half-assed. Which has made me nostalgic for the time I used to put in a lot of effort for outfits. I wonder where that went.

I remember this one time there was some garbage fashion show thing. Where we had to use the trash to come up with outfits for a fashion show. And this was when I was trying really hard to be “cool”. So I dressed up as a skateboarder. Wore whatever I felt like, because that’s how I roll. And used a Pepsi can (two) to create the elbow and knee pads. If I recall correctly, some other item from my garbage formed a helmet. This was Grade 5.

But I think my half-assing also came out well. I’ve put on some weight at home, which gave me the look I really needed.

Tonight was also ball night, and dressing up for that was a lot of fun. I had help with my wardrobe, got photos, and then went back to doing moot work.

Pentagram is an exciting time for everyone on campus. The SAC does a pretty great job of ensuring people are happy. Both this year and last year, I’ve joined the Organizing Committee for the event – and while last year I could do absolutely nothing, I’ve been helping out a little with social media coverage and the Treasure Hunt we conducted this year – which was a lot of fun!

The Treasure Hunt, conceptually, has been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, we celebrated New Years’ Eve and Day every single year in Abu Dhabi, with my family friends and their friends. It was just a grand party, and was one of the few gatherings my parents took me to where I had people of my age-group. I really, really loved the company there while growing up, and although my family only met everyone together only once a year, we always felt included and welcome. One of the events was the Treasure Hunt, that 2 Uncles would set up – and absolutely rattle our brains with. I struggled with the clues every year. And the Treasure was always small, but cute & worth it – like gold coin chocolates. Or something of the sort.

I remember one of the clues when I was younger being my name backwards. Sajet – some “South African jet” puzzle that you had to crack. It was insane.

This year was pretty special that way too.

I’ve felt guilty not being able to contribute to some of the committees I end up joining – because of moot work or other commitments I have during the time. But I guess contributing even a little gives you some satisfaction. The Treasure Hunt did that for me. I’m looking forward to helping out as much as I can over the weekend, for I know I’ve not been able to help as much through this week.

Pentagram, man. Probably the only thing worth walking out in the Gujarat heat right now.


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