2019: Eighty-Four

Being back on campus after spending time at home has incited mixed feelings in me. I feel rejuvenated and all that, but I’m also incredibly sleepy and feel very tired – an effect, I attribute, in part, to the fact that I was lucky enough to sleep a lot at home when I was there.

I’ve also brought back some food supplies with me – which is exciting generally, because I’ve always got stuff in my room that I can nibble on in case the food at the mess truly gets to me. Again, there is a downside to this: I need to carry out the incredibly arduous task of rationing.

Finishing all my supplies will mean suffering during exam-time – a sadness I am not quite prepared for.

Today is also the first day of Pre-Pentagram week – pyjama day. I’ve marked it by wearing a paper airplane pyjama, and some headgear a friend loaned me. So of course, this is the only song in my head:


Let me know what you think!

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