2019: Seventy-Nine

I dropped my friend off to the airport this morning and came back home to my mother.

And we did nothing the entire day. My mum and I chilled, laid on the bed, and did absolutely nothing except wake up to eat and to bathe.

I then went out for dinner with my best friend’s parents. I really enjoy their company because I’ve seen them really take care of me over the years. My first sleepover at their house, I was a nervous, homesick wreck who puked out all the food he had eaten because he had overeaten. I stayed at their place for two weeks once. And then, as I grew older, Uncle and Aunty have kept me grounded – with their advice constantly reminding me that both my friend & I, we’re doing good – but we’ve just gotten going.

I wouldn’t trade that advice off for anything. It makes me feel optimistic, and it really makes me feel motivated to work harder. Knowing that if 20 years of my life has brought me this much – both joy, and disappointment, the rest of my life is a journey I have to look forward to and learn from.

I also got to eat really good paneer. I wouldn’t trade that off for much else either.


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