2019: Seventy-Five

Day 2: At the Top, Burj Khalifa, then came back home, had lunch with parents, and then dad drove us to Jumeirah and Global Village, which is a collection of stalls from around the world. Extremely fun day.

Highlight: Ate a lot of food at Global Village. Best thing was Blueberry Ice Cream at Bosnia stall. Saw Burj al Arab.

Going to the top of the Burj Khalifa was just an exercise of getting nice photographs and really savouring everything we did there. My favourite part of it had to be the part where I gave my laptop for servicing before going there – I’m hoping it comes back fully serviced. I’ve spent too much money and time trying to get the screen fixed.

Everyone who comes to Dubai needs to see the curved building that has adorned the skyline for several years, far before it was replaced by a bigger, taller, building. That curved building is considered the only seven-star hotel in the world, and although it may not be as big, it’s still as popular, because it stands out.

Shits got to sit in my dad’s nice car and dad drove him around – explaining to him his philosophy on various things, and giving him tid-bits of history about the city. My dad’s stayed there so many years, it’s amazing that he remembers these small details that tour guides won’t be able to offer you on a guided tour. I can listen to him narrate the same story to five different sets of audiences and not get bored. I think that’s what passion does to you. He’s called a place home for so long – it’s difficult not to be passionate about being there.

Finally, we headed to Global Village. Now, Global Village is a place I’ve grown to love. Literally. To describe it simply, it’s a massive area in the middle of nowhere in Dubai – off an exit on the main road, that contains stalls from around 30 countries/groups of countries around the world. Each stall attempts to present a unique experience of what visiting that particular country will be like. I hated this place as a child. My memories of it include the first time I held a snake, walking way too much, and seeing fireworks which made a noise I despised.

But as I grew up, what I learnt was that it exposed me to cultures from around the world, and I had some of my fondest memories with my parents here: eating cotton candy and this thing called a Turkish potato with my mum, visiting here with my mum’s colleagues and their children, buying a magic set, spending time with my dad. I can’t let go of those.

And the place itself is so beautiful.

Dubai, if anything, is extravagant. Also, we walked way too much today.


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