2019: Forty-Six

This is possibly the longest I was away from writing this year, which was a weird feeling. When two days is the longest you go without publicly documenting your life and the weird observations that make up your day, you can really notice the changes the break in routine has on your life.

The answer is that surprisingly enough, it made a very small difference. Aside from the fact that I caught a bit of a flu and am under the weather, I don’t think avoiding writing affected me as much as it has in the past.

But this illness thing, boy do I hate it. It’s very odd to me that the way our body becomes stronger and more resistant to germs is by getting exposed to it in the first place (the way vaccines work, for example). And I’m particularly annoyed at the fact that I fall sick around the same time every single year.

One day I shall defeat you, weather-change. And when I do, I shall consume cool drinks like milkshake even in the cold temperatures. Just to celebrate.


Let me know what you think!

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