2019: Forty-Four

Some sad news today. The Mars Opportunity Rover has been declared dead. I never knew I’d be so affected by this news, and then I saw this comic:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-14 at 15.55.37.jpeg

I do hope they bring the Rover back one day. Somehow. Maybe then we can all visit it. It’ll also mean that we wouldn’t have left

In other news, one of our annual moot court competitions has begun, so campus is really lively at the moment. Which is always great fun. It’s also got me thinking a lot about how our campus manages to string together events one after another. Especially around February, which is the most active time on campus. People/committees just churn out events one after another. There’s so much happening on campus that at this point, there are 3 things I have the option of doing: attending a lecture on Aadhar, participating in helping with this moot, and attending a lecture on education. It’s pretty wild. I’m pretty lucky to be here.

The other really great thing about moots you organize? Wearing nice formals. Formal pants are underrated pieces of clothing. They’re so comfortable, wow. Can’t wait to wear all my formal things.

And eat all the good food.


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