2019: Thirty-Seven

My campus has the ability to amaze me with the talent it seems to have on offer. For all the thoughts I have about how people here are the same – and have very overlapping goals after law school, I often realize that’s merely one facet of things. This is especially true at fests and cultural events that the University hosts. People’s ability to take charge of things and make this place smile is beautiful. People’s creativity is mind-blowing.

For example, very few would think about hosting a board games night during a Sports Fest. But our University has a rich tradition of board games being available at the night mess, and a lot of fights have ensued as a consequence of them. So why not, right? But that’s only one part of the story. The second half is the ability to make the night mess come to life by decorating it, putting up paintings and decor, giving a name that resonated with the masses and attracted a crowd, have live music by the Music Club – all these good things which make the event unique and memorable. All these things need effort, and the people who put the effort in are the people I admire – because it takes a lot to work in a team surrounded by individuals who have different talents and get them focused on a single goal.

That’s been my brain for the day.


Let me know what you think!

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