2019: Thirty-Six

It seems pretty routine for me to think about how “busy” I’m becoming as the semester wears on and time passes. February is the busiest time in University, by a country mile. It’s when the most number of events take place – one after the other. Week after week. I enjoy being involved in all of them, but this year I’ve found another committee to keep me busy while I do bits and pieces of events work and help out where I can. Now, I’m not on the Core of any event that’s happening this semester, so I can’t relate to the stress they must be going through. For me, all these events happening on campus are an excellent opportunity to enjoy good food, one week after another. Especially because there’s always going to be a lot of food trucks who come by. I’m also looking forward to meet some friends who are coming down for these events – which should be super enjoyable.

But having all of this has made me tired. I used the weekend to try recuperating but I woke up on Monday morning feeling sleepy. I can now automatically switch off and zone out of class, falling asleep in an instant. I think that’s a useful skill if I’m trying to make up for lost sleep – which I have in the past. I’d really like to wake up one morning feeling well-rested though.

The other side effect of all of this has been a lot of procrastination. It’s procrastination which hasn’t affected individual tasks and their timelines – most responsiblity I take on is responsibility that can wait, responsibility that has deadlines which aren’t looming on the horizon. None of them overlap either. Which makes them easier to fulfil. But procrastinating them means I find myself waiting till the last moment to even start tasks sometimes – which is getting frustrating.

So I’ve set tonight as a night to catch up on pending work, because otherwise I’ll go down a blackhole of YouTube autoplay videos – which to me, is the point of no return.


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