2019: Twenty

Mooting at University has always been an activity that’s been a piece of me. I don’t know what allures me to the activity – I’m aware of what constitutes it, and what elements I enjoy particularly. But if you were to asking me what I love the most about it, I don’t think I could quite pick the one thing that stands out to me. I was pretty aware that I wanted to partake in the activity before I came to Law school, although I didn’t possess any understanding of what it actually entailed. Beyond the fact that you had to research and argue Law. In my head, I looked at it as an opportunity to perhaps re-enact an old case, and try to reverse it’s outcome, or to see if that was possible. Which I thought was cool.

Each time I do the intra moot rounds, I find that something new excites me about the activity. The nicest thing about how mooting at my University is structured is that it gives you the opportunity to explore new areas of Law each time you participate. As time has passed, I have found that I dedicate different levels of preparation and I trust my abilities for various things. But I’ve never faffed on research. I’ve been called out for it incorrectly once, and that experience scarred me so much, I’d never actually faff ever.

Today, my oral rounds took place. I think it’s the fifth out of eight possible intras I’ve partaken in. Working for this was very different. I’ve had the opportunity to work with three close friends the last three times I’ve done intras, and more than anything, it’s been an excuse for me to speak to them a lot more. Witness them at stressed moments and see if I can help them. I’ve understood their behaviour a little better than earlier – and more about them as people. I’ve also developed the ability to take work conversations beyond work, something I find particularly heartening.

And dressing up in a suit is always an exciting opportunity for a photo-op.

If you were to ask me today what I like most about mooting at my University? It’s the fact that I’ve been fortunate to experience mooting with some of my best friends. And if I haven’t mooted with my friends, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss moot problems and moot experiences with several people – some of whom I have become very close to at college.

I have only 2 rounds of intras left at college. Will I cry at the last one? Time will tell.


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