Looking good while going to work is spectacularly underrated and underappreciated.

I understand this now because I know how much effort it takes to put in effort into personal grooming and just looking presentable, and wow. It’s pretty commendable that people are able to do that even while living adult worker-bee lives with horrible hours. And managing everything life-related alongside that.

Especially when you’re going to work, man.

It’s pretty easy for males, because our formals are really straightforward. But still.

Shaving and grooming, having polished shoes, clean socks. Having pressed shirts and trousers. Having a set of trousers and a shirt which actually match each other. Having suitable ties. Wearing a nice belt.

And not repeating outfits too often – so that people don’t think you wear the same clothes everyday.

Pretty darn commendable.

Also, just generally. How do people always look better in formals than they do in regular clothes?

And finally, to close out another intriguing, thought-provoking, post: how crucial is it to own a pair of amazing brown formal shoes?

Oh yeah, also. I’ve observed and honestly concur with the trend that owning a pair of jet black laced shoes is honestly the greatest fashion trend. It goes with literally every outfit, looks classy, and can be extremely comfortable.

Look at me, I’m a fashionista now.



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