It makes a world of difference when you’re surrounded by people who you like working with – because you don’t mind staying back in the office late. Also, professional differences become so much easier to sort out, because you respect each other a lot on a personal level. When you’re working with people who are difficult for you to work with, I think you become a tougher person to work with yourself.

These wise words have occurred to me after watching the greatest cartoon of all time about teamwork:

They’re actually also a direct result of the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity of working with for the last two months or so. Everyone has been a delight – especially because they’ve also taken time out of their schedules to gossip with me.

Considering it was celebrity wedding season, this was the biggest highlight and the greatest thing that could have happened, because we spent a good 20 minutes each day critiquing the weddings and the updates that had come in.

It was a great life.


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