My mother pointed out that I’ve become a very uneasy sleeper. That I toss and turn repeatedly through the night, and it takes my time to fall into a deep slumber. This is very unnatural behaviour for me, because I love sleep, and really, honestly, do try to get as much as possible (contrary to popular belief). But, it raised some concern, because I’ve learnt that sleep is extremely important to the way humans function, and extremely important for emotional and mental well-being. Well-rested people (irrespective of how early they wake up), are often able to apply their mind better and make smarter decisions: like taking on less work for themselves because they care about their sleep cycle.

But a bigger part of why it raised some concern and sent off a few worrying signs for me was because it pointed out two things. The first, was that it showed me how much I had changed from school. I was literally asleep half my time during my schooldays. I slept a solid 8 hours at home and then another 2 hours every single day on the bus. And then every evening I’d come home and spend another 1 hour asleep on my couch while watching TV and waiting for milkshake. It was a great life.

The second, was that it showed me how much I had let my desire to do things and push myself take over my system. I love work. I’m not going to deny that. For others, what seems like work, to me, is very calming and entertaining because I have to apply my mind to things. But, maybe because of how less I sleep, on days I want to sleep early also, my brain constantly believes it needs to think about things. It’s probably time to re-evaluate that: just for a healthier lifestyle.

Of course my mother blamed it on how much I use electronics just before sleepytimes arrive. Something about radiation.

I’ll ignore that.

But something I’m doing now is wearing an eyemask and going to sleep. Which I think is pretty cool because it blocks off a lot of light and forces you to close your eyes (a great start to the process of going to sleep!)

It’s funny, doing that during Diwali. In Bombay.

Because I’m blocking off lights. Get it?

Anyway. I’ve gotten back from work now and I’m going to work on my moot. After eating Chinese food & watching Netflix.


Let me know what you think!

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