Over the course of this piece, all I’m going to do is to provide a list of reasons describing and depicting why I think exams should never be held early in the morning. As you read this, consider that I had 9AM exams during mid-semesters, and then wrote 10AM papers for end-semesters. Or something along those lines. Basically, I had to go wake up and write a paper.

Which is where my problem lies. I think morning papers don’t provide students with enough last-minute revision time, which is crucial to every student’s brain functionality during examinations. At University atleast, everyone ends up learning one concept or thing in the last minute. The likelihood of that thing coming in the exam is entirely dependent on the volume of the portions, but that last-minute learning drives a lot of confidence into my brain atleast – because I randomly realize I’m better-prepared for the paper than when I left my room.

Second, morning papers mean people are vela for too long after that. For those of you in foreign jurisdictions, the notion of being vela is basically loafing around. Loafing around means wasting your time. Essentially, the morning exam makes you grossly overestimate how much time you have to prepare for your next paper and sleep the entire afternoon and evening away. This sleep is essential, but the overconfidence is not.

Third, I think morning papers are inefficient because they often start at a time where students haven’t fully eaten breakfast. Or, it promotes a culture where students skip breakfast to get more revision time. There’s always the institutional argument of, “students need to study and manage their time better”, but that’s not something that is ever followed. Please encourage revision time and breakfast, that would be great, thank you.

Finally, morning papers make you sadder if the paper goes badly because if you’re unable to forget about it quick enough, you end up thinking about it for an entire day.

I fully understand there are easier ways to get over this. Just let me complain.

Let me know what you think!

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