I think we severely underrate how different parts of our body end up regulating the overall temperatures our body is at. This is understandably, the weirdest opening line I have written to any blog post, but bear with me. You will, if you get to the end of this post, see where this comes from, why, and where it goes – if anywhere at all. At this point, I’m as curious as you are.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way body temperatures work. I’d like my body to forever feel cool, or, forever be at a moderate temperature. Yet, sometimes it’s exceedingly hot and I’ll sweat (apparently this is a “cooling” technique, but I question the Science), and sometimes its frigid and I’ll have goosebumps everywhere. This is a terrible illustration of my fascination with body temperatures – because I’m fairly certain everyone notices these things happening to them. I think I’m fascinated by how we experience temperature in general.

Especially at night-times.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve slept in a cold room (irrespective of air temperature outside), and ensured that I’m wrapped up in a warm/light blanket, but keep my feet prodding out. And occasionally my arms. I find that this makes me reach Ambient Sleep Body Temperature the fastest, and that I sleep the best in these climes.

If I was an animal that you had as a pet, or if I was in a zoo – these are the things that would be on the plaque pointing to me. This, and my food preferences, are perhaps the only things that’ll ensure I’m adequately pampered.

Coming back to body temperature, as you can now tell, my brain cares very deeply for it.

Since I’ve come to Law school, I have discovered that the zone of interaction between the outside air temperature and the temperature in my room overlap greatly. This is owing to the fact that I receive ventilation from my room through 2 windows, and a little gap in the frame of my door – and not much else. This might seem like a lot for a tiny room, and it’s excellent ventilation, but boy does it piss me off when Gujarat has hot wind (apparently this is called a “Loo” (hehe)).

It’s safe to say that my room is warm for most of the day. I’ve combatted this in unique ways, yet sometimes, my body does not reach the Ambient Body Temperature I crave.

This happens very frequently when I’m sitting at my chair.

Today, while procrastinating my studies (because this is who I am), I identified the culprits. My chappals, and my headphones.

While wearing headphones, I block off wind that’ll hit my ear.

And I sweat.

While wearing chappals, I avoid contact with a cool surface, instead, retaining contact with a surface that is warming up for the duration my foot is on it (which is all the time).

I took off the chappals and felt the ground as was amazed at how my body cooled down.

I’m banning chappals in my room.

That was all.


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