Wow, one-hundred pieces of writing for this year. Not something I thought I’d get to, considering how late in the year I started off. And, considering my laziness – this is quite the feat. Pat, pat, Tejas, pat, pat.

I finished this new food documentary (I love watching these) called Somebody Feed Phil – where Philip Rosenthal travels around the world and tastes food that is local/well-reknown, but represents some local tastes. Philip Rosenthal is the co-creator and show-runner of a sit-com I enjoyed with my mother – Everybody Loves Raymond, so I knew I was in for a treat. I think the show is phenomenal in terms of its direction – it literally makes you want to eat everything it showcases, but also, its choice of location – every city picked is delightful, and covers some far-ranging cuisines. My favourite of these has to be its coverage of the Temple in New York, which I think is a testament to how excellent Indian food can be.

My only grouse though is Phil’s limited reactions. He literally says everything is “wow” or “fantastic”, or he comes up with a tune that expresses the whirring emotions in his head. None of this enables me to understand more about the food that he is eating. Which is honestly all I was watching the show for. I wish that he was more expressive about it – doing some comparative of what a particular food item tasted like, to make the show more relatable, is all.

Anyway. Another show is done, and I’ve basically got another massive set of restaurants I’d like to visit someday. Not sure what I’d eat there exactly, but that’s a dilemma I will resolve once I am seated at the restaurant itself.

In other news I am now one teaching day away from completing my seventh semester of Law school. Much excitment.



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