Exam results came today and after 3 years, I think I’ve learnt how to accept exam results without too much frustration. That makes me bit-parts happy and bit-parts angry. I’m happy because I think it means that I will now be able to take less pressure and take more comfort from the fact that I do my best every time I study. And I can admit to myself when I could have prepared for an exam better without it continuously itching my brain cells and my morality.

I’m a little angry about it because it means that I’ve grown to discredit my examination system so much that I don’t view it as an accurate representation of, well. Anything.

And that makes me frustrated not because the examination pattern is terrible, but because this means that for 3 weeks, at minimum, in every semester, every single student within this University I reside in, is under a lot of stress – and a lot of it isn’t self-induced. A lot of it is atmospheric.

It lingers.

You’re watching a TV show during examinations, and there’s this air that can strike you at any time of “Oh, you’re not finishing portions in time.”

I don’t quite like that.

But exam results being announced is a useful opportunity to use this blog to explain to people that exam results do not define who you are as a person – and college exam results don’t say everything about you. Your capacity to express yourself is far bigger than a sequence of numbers that have an upper limit of a hundred, and a letter that stretches as far as “O” but not for “Outstanding”.

You’re more than these things. Just remember that if you get results that you aren’t happy with.



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