What amused me the most today was the fact that the usage of mobile applications can get such wild reactions based on the crowd that you use these applications in. So, for example, when you’re waiting for a faculty member to come in & you’re seated in their cabin – sure, you can check WhatsApp. But maybe looking at Instagram and Snapchat is not such an excellent idea.

I feel like I found this amusing for several reasons:

  1. I imagined what it would be like to open up a Snap that one of my friends sent me & have my faculty peer over my shoulder to see what this snap was. They’d be extremely confused – because most of my Snapchats I exchange with friends are broadly us making ugly faces at each other with the comment “Ugly”. It’s excellent motivation and support.
  2. I imagined adults using photo filters and participating in Snap challenges.

Okay, so maybe just two.

They were amusing nonetheless.



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