Right now, there’s only one thought on my mind.

Will I ever be called to eat food items that are fully paid for and rate them?

In essence, will someone ever ask me to become a food critic and write critical pieces about the quality of food.

Literally, this has taken up so much thinking time. I feel like I could’ve used that time better. In that period, however, I have eaten:

  1. Half a box of Fruit Biscuits from Karachi Bakery, in Hyderabad
  2. Half a packet of Laung Sev from Lalit Namkeen, in Indore.

I am truly an Indian boy, which is a nice sentiment to feel as I type this message out.

My thoughts stem from the binge-watching I have done of the new Chef’s Table volume, and by how much I watch the Pizza Show. I think these are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to food reviewing. One, high-end with philosophy behind fine-dining, and one, affordable, with philosophy behind some of the most well-recognizable food to mankind.

I would like to be able to insert such philosophical thought into comprehending where food is from, which is why I’m likely to read a lot more books around food in the coming weeks.

But also, I would really like for people to pay for my food and to tell them what is good and what could be more accessible.



Let me know what you think!

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